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It has been said that if is the most powerful word in the English language.

What if you had design experts with decades of experience on call whenever you needed them?

What if these same creatives were always on-time, on-track, and on-budget?

What if they were immediately available to sit down with you and start making your life easier?

What if you never had to worry about your creative and design again?

Summa Creative is a full-service graphic and web design studio that loves IF

Summa Creative was started by a small team of creatives who had worked in international marketing and advertising agencies for decades.

As the firms grew, we found ourselves further and further up the corporate ladder, leading teams of creatives, account executives, and project managers. With layer upon layer of management, often the people who ended up executing the work had never met the person they were working for.

We were spending more time in board meetings, and no time sitting across the desk from the client and hearing about what they needed, in their own words. What would help them. What would make them grow and flourish.

So, we left the corporate world to reinvent the way that we knew creative should be done. Directly.

We keep our firm small, and we think that works to our advantage.

We only have a few principal members, who have diverse backgrounds in design, technology, business, language, sales, marketing, and psychology. That gives Summa its expertise in an extraordinary number of areas, and still allows us to remain quick, adaptable, consistent, and nimble. We believe that make us better suited to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Another advantage to decades of experience? Between all of the members of our team, we have worked with every vendor and talent in the business. We know who to reach out to for specialized projects (and most of the time they owe us a favor). That keeps costs down, and ensures that your project is held to a higher standard and completed without delay.

And when our clients bring us an IF:

If our image better reflected our company.

If our marketing could help our sales more.

If our website could really work well on a phone.

We see it as our starting point to be able to dig in, learn everything there is to know about the issue, and solve the problem with some amazing work.

Our team is experienced, accomplished, insanely creative, detail-obsessed, and actually understands business.

We are multi-dimensional in our disciplines, but single-minded in our focus:  to improve your bottom line.

“Summa Creative is an extension of my marketing department and a partner in our success. They have learned our business and our industry in a way that allows them to collaborate with me and others in the organization to develop powerful materials that are not only flawless in design but address a specific business objective.”

— Suzannah Stephens, Marketing Manager, Grindmaster-Cecilware
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Your brand is much more than a logo, tagline, and a couple of Pantone colors. Your corporate identity communicates your significance and personality to the world. Summa Creative is experienced in all phases of brand development and implementation. From crafting a new identity to revitalizing and modernizing an existing logo and brand,  we will ensure that you are consistently reflecting the image that you want the world to see.

See how Summa Creative helped the new owner of a company that had multiple-identity disorder create a bold, unified brand.
→ Read about the new Epic Identity

Branding Services

Brand and Identity Development    
Logo Design    
Stationery Packages    
Business Collateral Design    
Brand Standardization    
Rebranding and Revitalization

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Responsive Website Design

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Time was, websites were a one-size-fits-all item. But, we have now passed the mobile tipping point, and your site needs to accommodate a broad range of devices and browsers without any resizing and panning. If your audience becomes frustrated, struggling to view your site, they will quickly leave and go elsewhere. Every website that Summa Creative designs and builds accesses a single source of content, and is easy to read and navigate on everything from a giant 30” display, down to that old iPhone 4 in the back of the drawer.

Take a look at how Summa Creative built business for a company that needed to raise awareness of their broad range of abilities.
→ Read more about the FCi Website

Web and Email

Responsive Website Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
User Interface Design (UI)
Email Campaign Design and Management
Content Management

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Content Strategy

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Much like great design, great content holds your audience’s attention. In fact, it should draw them in deeper. Direct, clean, savvy content and brand messaging are essential today, when people are reading more than ever before. Content strategy helps you manage content as a business asset, providing a plan for content creation, delivery, and governance.

Being able to deliver useful, usable, compelling content by retooling your existent business communications just might be the easiest way to improve both your bottom line and your reputation in the market.

See how developing a content strategy that managed content creation, delivery, and governance allowed our client to publish useful, usable, and sought-after content, and improved their reputation!
→ Read about the Derby City Litho content strategy

Content and Strategy

Media Strategy    
Corporate Messaging    
Press Releases    
Radio • TV • Digital

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Print Design

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You invest ample time and money in training and coaching every employee who represents your company and helps to build your business. Similarly, the purpose of every corporate catalog, brochure, advertisement, or publication is to leave your hands and go out in the world to independently represent your company. Summa Creative ensures that every piece of print sends the message you want, explains the details that they need, and champions you - even when you aren’t around.

See how Summa Creative developed a mail campaign for a new company that had customers looking forward to receiving the pieces and hanging them on their fridge!
→ Read more about the Playground Campaign


Advertising Campaigns
Brochure Design
Catalog Design
Packaging Design
Promotional Materials
Annual Reports
Editorial Design

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Environmental Design

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Often, one of the most powerful interactions between company and client can be created through environmental design. With museum spaces, retail displays, trade show and convention exhibits, or any other specialty advertising, you are creating an experience for the people involved. The personality of your company is made tangible and solid, and this leaves a large impression on anyone experiencing it. Simply put, this is just creating signs and spaces. But, we know it is bringing your brand to life.

Summa Creative faced the challenge of creating familiarity for a company’s new identity through environmental design.
→ Read about the Grindmaster-Cecilware Exhibit

Environmental Design

Trade Shows and Conventions    
Corporate Messaging  
Museum Displays    

Need to solve an if or two?

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