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Summa Creative was started by a small team of creatives who had worked in international marketing and advertising agencies for decades.

As the firms grew, we found ourselves further and further up the corporate ladder, leading teams of creatives, account executives, and project managers. With layer upon layer of management, often the people who ended up executing the work had never met the person they were working for.

We were spending more time in board meetings, and no time sitting across the desk from the client and hearing about what they needed, in their own words. What would help them. What would make them grow and flourish.

So, we left the corporate world to reinvent the way that we knew creative should be done. Directly.

We keep our firm small, and we think that works to our advantage.

We only have a few principal members, who have diverse backgrounds in design, technology, business, language, sales, marketing, and psychology. That gives Summa its expertise in an extraordinary number of areas, and still allows us to remain quick, adaptable, consistent, and nimble. We believe that make us better suited to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Another advantage to decades of experience? Between all of the members of our team, we have worked with every vendor and talent in the business. We know who to reach out to for specialized projects (and most of the time they owe us a favor). That keeps costs down, and ensures that your project is held to a higher standard and completed without delay.

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Summa Creative’s impeccable sense of design and business acumen have resulted in Grindmaster-Cecilware having the best brand messaging and identity-building materials in the company’s 100 year history.

Suzannah Stephens
Marketing Manager, Grindmaster-Cecilware

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What We Do

Digital and Web Design Icon

Digital and Web Design

Responsive Website Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience Design (UX)
Email Campaign Design and Management

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Print Design

Advertising Campaigns
Brochure Design
Catalog Design
Packaging Design
Promotional Materials
Annual Reports

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Branding and Identity

Brand and Identity Development
Logo Design and Identity Systems 
Stationery Packages    
Business Collateral Design    
Brand Standardization    
Rebranding and Revitalization
Full-line Product Launches

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Content Strategy

Content and Media Strategy
Corporate Messaging    
Press Releases
Content Management

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3D Product Visualization

Static 3D Renders for Print and Web
Interactive 3D Renders for Digital
Animated 3D Renders for Video

Why Summa Creative

Summa Creative partners with clients in all industries to provide extraordinary results through intelligent design and strategic marketing.

We develop exceptional, effective creative and messaging to improve your company’s bottom line.

Our team is experienced, accomplished, insanely creative, and actually understands business. For 17 years, our design has always been on-time, on-track, and on-budget.

Summa Creative helps businesses get their business done.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I wanted to thank you so, so much for everything that you have done!!!  The new and beautiful literature was handed out in Italy yesterday, and it all went over VERY well!  The feedback was great and the first countries are asking for exhibition displays etc. already.”

Esther Staskiewicz
VP Global Marketing, Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Brewers Product Render

"When I began managing the email marketing program at Baptist Health, creation of each message relied on input from multiple vendors, and turning around a single email took several days.

Summa Creative was able to take all my ideas, wants, and needs, and gave us not just professional templates, but the entire process for creating these emails ourselves.  What once took several days and multiple vendors now takes our in-house team just a few hours.  Baptist Health is still relying on this system two years later, and it has saved us enormous vendor costs and work hours."

Celeise Awe
Online Reputation Manager, Baptist Health

Baptist Health Email Template Preview

“I was at a large account and left several of our new brochures.  Today I met with them, and expected to take lots of questions.  Well, that’s not how it worked.  They had been through the brochure, knew who we were, and most importantly, knew how we worked.  They got it before we ever opened our mouths.

They did ask two questions:  “When can we get started and how do you get paid?”  We are sending a contract tonight.  Clear concise messaging that is not to deep and not to shallow works.  It simply changes the game.”

Pete Suerken
President, RTi

RTi Introductory Booklet

“Best money I ever spent on my company.  Made the investment back the first month.”

Brandon Rowe
Owner, Epic Coatings and Blast

Epic Coatings and Blast Business Cards

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