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A healthcare network needs a process to guarantee timely communication.

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Baptist Health had a stellar reputation for healthcare, customer support, and service, but was struggling with creating and producing marketing and informational emails quickly and efficiently.

Before Summa Creative was asked to consult, sending a single marketing email involved multiple outside vendors, and a complex process that often took several days. First, an off-site designer created a visual layout for the email. Once that layout was received, it was then passed to a programmer to translate the layout into code. This process generally took several days. If there needed to be a design change at this point, the whole process had to start all over again, delaying the email send even longer.

Summa created an initial set of design templates for email campaigns, and introduced Baptist Health to new management software that made it extremely easy to take these provided templates and quickly modify their layouts without the need to write code manually. After just a couple of training sessions with Summa, Baptist Health's internal team was able to easily and quickly create their own email campaigns in-house. The process of producing and sending new email campaigns was reduced from several days (or, sometimes weeks) to just a couple of hours, with a massive reduction in cost.

“When I began managing the email marketing program at Baptist Health, creation of each message relied on input from multiple vendors, and turning around a single email took several days.

Summa Creative was able to take all my ideas, wants, and needs, and gave us not just professional templates, but the entire process for creating these emails ourselves. What once took several days and multiple vendors now takes our in-house team just a few hours. Baptist Health is still relying on this system two years later, and it has saved us enormous vendor costs and work hours.”

Celeise Awe
Online Reputation Manager,
Baptist Health
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