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An international company wants to introduce a new product line before it is camera-ready.

Electrolux PrecisionBrew 3D Product Renders
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When Electrolux acquired a new beverage equipment manufacturer, they were excited to introduce the products to the world.

The PrecisionBrew family of coffee brewers were chosen to be the first equipment line rolled out in an internal meeting for Electrolux’s international sales force, ahead of any commercial product launch.

Summa Creative was asked to create the product line brochures, cross-line comparison booklets, and high-level introductory layouts needed for the marketing launch. All of these pieces hinged on spectacular photography of the newly-redesigned machines.

The only difficulty was the lack of photography of the new equipment. That, and the lack of new equipment to photograph.

Since the prototypes of the new machines were still being finalized, we needed detailed photography of machines that didn’t yet exist.

Luckily, Summa is able to create life-like 3D renders of equipment from engineering files.

The final brochure was able to spotlight the operation, ease of use, and flexibility of the equipment while also diving into great detail with machine specs, features, and options. All of which is illustrated with striking imagery.

“I wanted to thank you so, so much for everything that you have done!!! The new and beautiful literature was handed out in Italy yesterday, and it all went over VERY well! The feedback was great and the first countries are asking for exhibition displays etc. already.”

Esther Staskiewicz
VP Global Marketing,
Electrolux Professional
Electrolux PrecisionBrew BrochureElectrolux PrecisionBrew BrochureElectrolux PrecisionBrew BrochureElectrolux PrecisionBrew Brochure
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