Corporate Identity and Branding

Actively shape the way the world sees your business. Build a comprehensive identity system and an inspiring brand that generates excitement, attracts new customers, and encourages lasting relationships.

Logo Design and Identity Systems

Take control of your image and start shaping how the world sees you.

Let’s start at the very beginning. Summa Creative will work with you to get to the heart of what your business is about and create a corporate brand that reflects those values and capabilities.

At the very center of your brand is your logo - literally the mark that your company leaves on the world. Your logo is a symbol for your entire business, and so as well as being memorable, elegant, and simple, it needs to reflect your company’s character, core, and principles.

But, stamping your logo on everything isn’t enough. Anything coming from your company - products, advertising, or communication, needs to operate under the same identity system. This keeps your style consistent, and helps to create a sense of familiarity and personality for the business.

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Brand Standards and Guidelines

The instruction manual for your new identity.

Once you have established your corporate brand, you need to make sure that you maintain it.

For an identity system to be effective, it has got to be consistent. Brand standards and guidelines ensure that anyone who will be dealing with your company image (designers, employees, vendors, or business partners) knows exactly how to do it.

The guidelines will cover how to use the company logo, typography, corporate colors, what type of imagery and graphics can be incorporated, and communication guidelines. Design and layout templates will also be included, which you can use when developing marketing materials such as websites, applications, packaging, and other print pieces.

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Print Design and Collateral Marketing

Never miss a chance to connect with your customers.  Brochures, catalogs, packaging, environmental design, and advertising.

Need to make sure that your 300 page catalog is engaging, informative, easily navigated, and maintains the brand standards you have worked so hard to establish? We can do that.

Need some help designing packaging that sets the tone for the user experience? We've got it.

Or, do you simply need some compelling advertising or environmental design that will stand out and get noticed? We can take care of that, too.

We are experts at creating business materials that are elegant and effective, promoting and building your company’s brand.

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More Branding Services

Product Launches

Products need to have their own identity, while also fitting in with the corporate family. We can help you develop the brand of a new product or service, and create all the materials for international product launches.

Advertising Campaigns

Smart, brand-aware campaigns that bring results and improve your recognition and reputation.

Brand Standardization

Over time, employees and vendors use elements of your brand to create publications and products. But if these pieces don’t look like they belong together in the same identity system, it calls your professionalism into question.

Brand consistency is vital across all products, platforms, and departments.