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Business is more difficult if customers don’t understand what you do.

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RTi saves its clients millions of dollars a year by providing strategy for managing paper and plastic packaging and resins. When we were first introduced to RTi, we didn’t know what that meant either. In fact, that was their biggest problem:  explaining how they could be useful to their potential customers.

Summa Creative was asked to design an introductory brochure that would quickly explain the benefits of working with RTi, and prepare the reader for an in-depth meeting.

In our research, Summa studied all of RTi’s previously produced collateral, and discovered the source problem. None of the pieces told a unified story. There was no continuity or connection. It became apparent that before the first word could be written, a content strategy needed to be developed.

Summa went to the RTi corporate offices and held a two-day workshop with all of the stakeholders in the company. We heard each of their stories and challenges first-hand, and distilled all of that information into a comprehensive, unified corporate message, which dramatically increased their sales.

“I was at a large account and left several of our new brochures. Today I met with them, and expected to take lots of questions. Well, that’s not how it worked. They had been through the brochure, knew who we were, and most importantly, knew how we worked. They got it before we ever opened our mouths.

They did ask two questions:  “When can we get started and how do you get paid?” We are sending a contract tonight. Clear concise messaging that is not to deep and not to shallow works. It simply changes the game.”

Pete Suerken
President, RTi
RTi Introductory BrochureRTi Introductory BrochureRTi Introductory Brochure
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