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In a complex field, both client and sales can benefit from signposts.

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The world of commercial espresso can be daunting. There are hundreds of different types of machines, grinders, and features, each offering the user different levels of control versus automation in the process of creating the drink. And espresso aficionados are technical, exacting, and well... obsessive.

Summa Creative was asked to design a marketing campaign that made it easier for consumers to decide what espresso equipment they would need, and would also make the world of espresso easier for their sales force to master.

12 print pieces were designed for the campaign package, including a 100-page sales field guide, 75-page corporate brochure, range overview, roaster brochure, sell sheets on individual machines, and a mailer to hold all printed material for shipment. A database-driven, interactive website allows customers to easily match equipment to their needs.

To further simplify selection, Summa also created a Barista Skill Level Rating, which was assigned to each machine. With this system, customers can quickly establish the skill level of their employees and find machines that will be a good fit.

Each piece of this campaign works together, providing metrics and tools for understanding the equipment, quick at-a-glance references and charts that detail features and benefits for each product family, comprehensive specs, and graphic spreads illustrating the machines’ abilities.

“Summa Creative took this huge project from its concept stage all the way to execution. They managed all of the complex behind-the-scenes research and details, giving me an amazing, impactful campaign!”

Suzannah Stephens
Marketing Manager,
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