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A successful and profitable printer faces the challenge of speaking with one voice.

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Over 40 years in the printing industry, Derby City Litho had gained an excellent reputation and a loyal customer base. But with people throughout the company responsible for content creation (and no one tasked with updating or archiving), the message heard by the public sometimes seemed fragmented, inconsistent, and frequently out-of-date.

Summa Creative was asked to develop and implement a content strategy that managed content creation, delivery, and governance, allowing DCL to publish useful, usable content and actively engage customers and prospects. Under the strategy, we crafted a new corporate website, a consistent, scheduled marketing campaign of print direct marketing accompanied by email, and a monthly series of educational brochures as content channels.

Case studies, industry developments, and upcoming deadlines were all topics, allowing DCL to send important updates to clients, and allowing another marketing touch. Links to the website were provided on print pieces that showcased a new technique or process where users could read in-depth explanations, and monthly brochures rigorously examined aspects of printing or production.

The extended development and release of content showed the willingness that DCL has for a long-term investment and commitment to a project, and its efforts to educate and inform. The strategy also provided valuable desktop references to clients, and built a positive impression of the company.

“Summa Creative was the perfect choice for us. Our business is expanding, and we couldn’t have done it without Summa’s vision and great design.”

Joe Nash 
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