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A retail veteran needs a website that matches their stellar reputation.

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Bedzzz To Go is a family-owned, local retailer in the bedding industry. As a small business, their experience, exceptional service, and good name is a point of pride. 

For more than a generation, they have been helping their friends and neighbors get exactly what they need for a good night’s sleep, and helping them get the most for their money.

This expertise and reputation for honesty gained them referral after referral, to the point that they never thought about their old website — until they realized that it was actually damaging their reputation.

Websites are now expected to accommodate a broad range of devices and browsers without any resizing and panning. The online audience is impatient, and if they have to struggle to view your site, they will quickly leave and go elsewhere. In addition to causing technical frustration, the old website had a feeling of being neglected and made Bedzzz To Go appear to be a business that didn’t care about details or follow-through.

Bedzz To Go also learned that even customers who were referred to them didn’t step foot in the store after viewing their website. 

Summa Creative was able to create an elegant, straight-forward website that accurately reflects the professionalism and pride of the company. We were also able to raise awareness of the broad selection of bedroom furniture that they offer, opening up a new revenue stream from existing customers.

“Summa Creative has been top-notch, a very valuable resource. I’m now proud and excited to tell my customers to check out my website.”

Dennis Miles
Owner,  Bedzzz To Go
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