Who We Aren't

Let’s ask the important questions.

We Aren’t Art Snobs.

Art is interpreted.

Design must be understood.

You have probably met the graphic artist who will happily design your brochure or website in the latest, bleeding-edge style while chasing awards from some art blog. But maybe that isn’t what your company needs.

This isn’t art. It is business.

Summa understands that it is critical to create work that effectively communicates a compelling message to your audience, while being on time, on track, and on budget. That is exactly what we do. Every price quote that you receive will be per project, not per hour, so that you won’t have any surprises - just the perfect finished project at a fair price, when you need it.

We Aren’t Freelancers

You can probably find someone to create a logo for your company for $250.

And you can get into real trouble that way.

Copyright infringement, logo theft, licensing agreement and rights management disputes, intellectual property issues – they are all the responsibility of the client, not the designer.

If a word, slogan, image, logo, or some combination is similar enough to another company’s brand elements to confuse consumers, prepare for legal action.

Since the client holds the copyright and trademark for the design, and are the “approving authority” of the work, courts can find the client guilty of having not exercised proper due diligence to ensure that the design is in compliance with all laws, including trademark.

Design should never be a liability. Summa Creative has decades of professional experience and will always do things the right way.

We Aren’t Power Hungry

We love to learn about new businesses.

And we like to get our hands dirty.

Many design firms will attempt to pressure businesses into an exclusive extended contract that can be difficult and costly to break should the agency not live up to its promises.

Summa Creative isn’t that type of firm. We achieve extraordinary results building strong relationships with our clients based on trust, not term contracts. We want to help out however we are needed. Occasionally we are called in to fix projects that have gone awry, or take over a project that has grown out of control. We like that kind of thing.

We love to organize closets. We don’t mind finishing that 1000 piece puzzle for you. Ours is not an all-or-nothing relationship. It’s OK. We can see other people.

We Aren’t Disappearing Artists

A deadline is not a suggestion.

Some design firms will eagerly meet with you and take on a new project, only to disappear, even as the deadline approaches. Often, an account executive will happily ‘get the deal,’ and then toss your job folder onto someone else’s desk before heading out to the next client.

We believe that the people you sit down with should be the people who do the work and the people who are held accountable.

Before we even get started, you will have a timeline that lets you know when to expect proofs, and when we will need approvals back to ensure that everything is delivered on time. Throughout the process, you will have consistent progress updates so that nothing is a surprise, and you won’t have to send out a search party.

We Aren’t Incomprehensible Web Geeks

The good news is, we speak geek.

The better news is, we speak plain, everyday English.

Having professionals who are always in the know about the latest tech is vital in helping clients make the most informed decisions. Having that same person walk you through every stage of website development without any jargon makes it easy.

We help you define the purpose and audience for the site, create the content, and develop the structure and design, making sure your message is crystal clear. Throughout the process we are focused on search engine optimization; to assure that your audience can find you. We even post your work in progress on a testing site, so that you can try it out on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone before the rest of the world does.