Who We Are

Summa Creative was started by a small team of creatives who had worked in large international marketing and advertising agencies for decades.
We realized that the big agency model is not always the best solution for every client.

Our Origin Story

We saw how easy it was in a large agency for the clients’ needs to be mistranslated or lost among the teams of creatives, account executives, and project managers. Often the people who ended up executing the work had never even met the person they were working for.

So, we left the corporate world to reinvent the way that we knew creative should be done. Directly.

We purposefully keep our firm small,  and that works to our advantage. We only have a few principal members, with diverse backgrounds in design, technology, business, language, sales, marketing, and psychology. That gives Summa its expertise in an extraordinary number of areas, and still allows us to remain nimble, adaptable, and consistent. All of which make us better suited to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Do You Guys Have Sidekicks Too?

Another advantage to decades of experience? We have worked with almost every professional and vendor in the business. We know who to reach out to for specialized projects (and most of the time they owe us a favor). Since we are only paying for their talent and not their corner office, it keeps costs down, and our network of experts ensures that your project is held to a higher standard and completed without delay.

And while we can’t guarantee the safety of the human race if threatened by aliens, we do promise constant communication, a quicker turnaround than you thought possible, and fair pricing. How does that sound?

Fame?  Honors?  Rewards?

Yes, we have shelves of design awards in our conference room.
Yes, our work has been shown in national design annuals.

No, we aren’t impressed by that either.

Our satisfaction comes from seeing a client grin and say “perfect!” That is when we know we nailed it. When our work helps you improve and grow your business, that is our prize.

So what are you guys afraid of?


Nope. Decaf.