Grindmaster-Cecilware Environmental Design

If we could update our convention and exhibit spaces to reflect our new identity, it should clarify things for our customers…

Hot and Cold Product Display

After rolling out the new brand identity for the merged company, Grindmaster-Cecilware faced the challenge of converting all of the previous customers of the two independent companies into current customers of the new unified company. The largest stage to introduce the new powerhouse company was at industry conventions.

With this environmental design, we faced two challenges. The first was to effectively present the company and its new brand and create familiarity. The second was showcasing the extensive variety of equipment that they now offered. To spotlight the new identity, Summa Creative designed the largest panels of the structure to only incorporate the elements of the brand itself. Stripping those integral pieces down to only logo, logotypes, and color showcases the new corporate identity. Then, displays were created to promote product lines individually. The elements of these specialized displays were particular to the features of the equipment being shown:  fire and ice for a new beverage line that dispensed both hot and cold drinks, or a riot of bright colors for a new option of powder-coating machines. Refining and simplifying the over-arching design down to the brand basics reinforces the new identity until the public has adapted to the merger, and allows the independent displays of new equipment to stand out as featured jewels.

“Summa Creative can take a project from its concept stage all the way to complete execution. They will manage all of the cumbersome behind-the-scenes details and leave me with an impactful end result that I didn’t have to lose sleep over!”

Grindmaster-Cecilware Exhibit
Grindmaster-Cecilware ExhibitGrindmaster-Cecilware ExhibitGrindmaster-Cecilware Exhibit

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