FCi Corporate Website

What if clients could get a great idea of the broad range of our abilities by looking at our website?

Website on Laptop Preview

It is difficult to sum up what FCi does as a company, because it is their job to solve complex, custom fulfillment issues for other companies. That means that they do something different for every client. But, they needed to be able to explain that in their corporate website.

This website was needed to raise awareness of the depth of the company’s abilities, which ranged from creation of print, web, email, and mobile communications and complex fulfillment using client data to determine contents, to application and reporting development.

In creating the new site, Summa Creative produced an animation for the home page that quickly gives entertaining examples of the complicated fulfillment needs that FCi manages. (The animation works on all devices and browsers, of course!) A case study section was also expanded, to show real-world examples of how FCi has brought resolution to companies who have had genuine business pains. The website has been successful in building business by demonstrating to potential clients that FCi can handle their needs, and also by showing current clients some services that FCi offers that they are not currently taking advantage of.

FCi Website on Devices
Application Development Page Preview

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