FCi Prospect Brochure

We could win over a lot of new customers if we could just get our prospects to understand what makes us different.

FCi Brochure

FCi had a stable of extremely devoted clients, due to the broad range of fulfillment services that they offered. But, explaining their capabilities to prospects was difficult, and limited their new business.

In creating a new brochure to introduce prospects to FCi, the company wanted to focus on all of its capabilities and services that differentiated it from the competition. But, that list was broad. And, because we were dealing with fulfillment, logistics, and warehousing, it wasn’t necessarily fascinating. The information that we needed to convey was suited to a white paper full of bullet points.

To grab and hold the attention of an audience of prospects, Summa Creative  deconstructed the idea of a sales brochure entirely, and created the piece entitled “Six Things.” The primary job of this brochure was to engage the audience and interest them enough to keep turning pages and read the information. So, the piece is striking and eye-catching, and a little out of the ordinary.

The cover does not contain any business information or hints about what lay inside, only showing a graphic number six, with the word ‘things.’ This forces the reader to open the piece to gain any insight as to the contents. Inside, each spread has one page with large numeral and information about the one of the ‘six things that will improve your business,’ with the facing page showing an unexpected illustration of the concept. With frisbee-catching turtles and superheroes, the brochure is certainly distinctive. And, the uptick in new business has proven it a success.

FCi Brochure

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