Epic Coatings and Blast Corporate Website

What if we had a website that could go in-depth about the services and processes that we offer, and really explain the range of things we can do?

Epic Coatings and Blast has a lot of tools at their disposal, and a broad range of services they offer. In fact, they discovered that they were spending a substantial amount of time explaining to customers that they could do the job, even though other companies said it couldn’t be done.

After Epic’s new owner saw the impact that the recently rolled-out brand identity had on the business, Summa Creative was asked to create a corporate website that would show all the services and capabilities they had to offer and build their business by simply allowing people to discover the company and see what it had done before.

“Best money I ever spent on my company. Made the investment back in the first month.”

— Brandon Rowe, Owner, Epic Coatings and Blast

As well as being a 24-hour salesperson that explained the scope of what Epic could accomplish, the website needed to educate the customer on little-known methods available in surface preparation. Most customers knew of sand and soda blasting, and some knew the limits of those mediums. But Epic prided itself on mastering the use of many other abrasives for very specialized jobs. Sponge blasting, garnet blasting, and corn cob blasting all have specific purposes and uses in projects that give the experts who handle them many more options. The website gives in-depth and detailed information on all of the mediums available and jobs their use open up, educating the customer in the field before they ever call up.

With many of the projects completed at Epic, the end result is astonishingly different than the piece that first came into the shop. Numerous before and after photos of past projects were shot by Summa Creative and shown throughout the site. An Applications and Usage page was also created, to offer ideas of the myriad of projects that Epic can handle.

The website has been remarkably successful in both introducing new clients who were searching for a company to take on a specific project, and with uncovering new projects from current clients by educating them on their range of services.

Epic Coatings and Blast Website on Devices
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