Epic Coatings and Blast Corporate Identity

The new owner of an old company with multiple logos, brand marks, and websites wants to see if we can create a bold, unified new identity for the company.

Epic Coatings and Blast Stationery
Epic Coatings and Blast T-Shirt

Epic Coatings and Blast was a company with multiple-identity disorder when the new owner / manager took over. With all the different logos, colors, and identity markers being used at the same time, not only was there no clear brand;  customers genuinely thought that there were different companies operating under the same name.

Epic had a loyal following of clients when their ownership changed. The clients had to be loyal, to be able to sort out if the business cards, invoices, websites, offices, and work trucks that showed up on site were from the same company. Summa Creative was asked to unify the brand from the ground up - logo and identity, corporate website, on-site photography, environmental design, corporate messaging, all the way down to the t-shirts that the guys wear when they show up to get the job done.

Epic provides a broad range of services - blasting and stripping surfaces for cleaning, decontaminating, and preparing to paint; and then completing the cycle by powder coating and finishing. Taking a piece of rusted metal and turning it into a gleaming bright pristine one seemed the perfect example of something new from the old, and naturally led us to the use of the phoenix in the identity. The industrial nature of the customer base influenced the bold, iconic elements of the design, reminiscent of an impression struck into metal or punched out with a die. The color scheme is also striking and confident, if not brazen. There can be no shrinking violets in a world of steel and timber.

The jewel in the crown of this identity however, is the business card. A 200 lbs. black-core cover card with rounded corners left an impression in the hand. A solitary red foil imprint of the phoenix logo held the back of the card, with the red foil outlining the logo and logotype on the front. This card demanded attention, and has certainly been receiving it.

Epic Coatings and Blast Truck

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