Derby City Litho Variable Digital Print Marketing

What if we find some way of showing customers our full range of offerings and services, and provide prospects a positive impression of the company?

Giddyup Mailer

Derby City Litho was already a successful and profitable printer, but it faced the challenge of informing loyal customers of new offerings and services, and attracting new clients.

DCL already had a solid reputation as an exceptional offset printer. With the advent of digital print and electronic media, it became necessary for DCL to show its expertise in these fields as well. A monthly series of variable digital direct marketing pieces was designed by Summa Creative to keep loyal customers informed of services and offerings of DCL of which they may not be aware, and to introduce prospects to the full range of their abilities. As print pieces, these were also prime opportunities to showcase the quality of the work DCL does.

Website Promotion Postcard

It was the knowledge that most of these pieces would go directly into the hands of designers that set the bar high for the design. Each month’s offering had to be a little jewel that would go beyond attracting the attention of the most seasoned designer. The pieces needed to elicit either “I didn’t know they could do that!” or “How did they do that?”

All of the pieces used the company’s CMYK identity playfully and boldly. We incorporated scratch-off inks (a heat-processed foil stamp), mixtures of metallic inks and varnishes, and comic book absurdity in the designs, and gave links to the DCL website page that explained the techniques and process used to create the piece. All direct marketing pieces had a clear call to action to track ROI, and were accompanied by a targeted email.

Epilogue - The campaign was remarkably successful, to the point that the sales team asked us to print up cards that read “We know that you didn’t know that we did that!”

Kentucky Derby Promotional Mail Piece
Promotional Mail Piece
Comic Book Mail Piece

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