Derby City Litho Email Campaign

If we could show our customers that we can create entire marketing campaigns for them…

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Derby City Litho was highly regarded as an offset printer, but also perceived as small, with limited capabilities. For new customers or prospects, the range of services and abilities was understandably not spoken of in depth at sales presentations, or addressed by customer service.

DCL faced the challenge of fully developing and advertising its variable digital print services and email campaign capabilities to its solid client base. To accomplish this, Summa Creative crafted a consistent, scheduled marketing campaign aimed at building out the loyal customer base and adding new clients.

A year-long monthly series of variable digital direct marketing pieces with accompanying emails was designed to show the exceptional range and quality of DCL. It also served to allow the company to maintain top-of-mind awareness with its current customers and have a regular influx of topical pieces that could be presented to prospects and new customers.

Special discounts to customers, case studies, industry developments, and upcoming holiday deadlines were all topics of the campaign, allowing DCL to send important updates to clients, and allowing another marketing touch.

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