Derby City Litho Content Strategy

If we could somehow keep our clients, prospects, vendors, and internals all up-to-date on things and make better connections with them…

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Derby City Litho had a solid reputation as an exceptional printer, but ironically it didn’t fare well when attempting to disseminate information about itself. The company faced the challenge of informing loyal customers of new offerings and services, introducing prospects to the full range of their abilities, and providing valuable educational materials on the printing process to all.

Summa Creative was asked to write copy for the company in conjunction with developing a marketing plan and website. However, it became apparent that before the first word could be written, a content strategy was needed. Reviewing all of the content created by DCL, it seemed fragmented, inconsistent, incomplete, and frequently out of date. People all over the organization were responsible for creating content and publishing it, and no one was tasked with updating or archiving.

Developing and implementing a content strategy that managed content creation, delivery, and governance allowed DCL to publish useful, usable content that people actually care about. With meaningful content being delivered to the right audience at the right time, we were able to engage customers and prospects, convey a message, inspire action, and build trust in and good will toward the company.

Summa Creative crafted a new corporate website; a consistent, scheduled marketing campaign of print direct marketing accompanied by email; and a set of educational brochures as content channels under the strategy.

Case studies, industry developments, and upcoming holiday deadlines were all topics, allowing DCL to send important updates to clients, and allowing another marketing touch. Links to the website were provided on print pieces that showcased a new technique or process where users could read in-depth explanations.

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A series of educational brochures were produced monthly. Each of these monthly installments addressed an aspect of printing or production, and proved to be valuable desktop references for customers and prospects.

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The website was a wealth of information, ideas, and practical reference that was both well-structured and easily found. It was vital in sharing insights of the company, keeping loyal customers informed of services and offerings of which they may not be aware, and building out the loyal customer base and adding new clients.

The extended development and release of content showed customers the willingness that DCL has for a long-term investment and commitment to a project, provided much-needed reference at the clients’ fingertips, and also showed the consistent effort on the part of DCL to educate and inform its customers, growing a positive impression of the company.

Website Content SampleWebsite Content Sample

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